5 Minutes with AOPA-China | Chris Based in Greece

《5 Minutes with AOPA-China》是由中国AOPA国际事务部出品的全新音频播客栏目。在这里,你可以学习航空知识,了解最热的通航话题。希望你们能喜欢 Nick 和 Claire的节目,愉快的享受这五分钟的美好时光。





题目:Chris Based in Greece

人物:Chris Turner, Claire Shangguan





我是Chris Turner, 来自英国。18岁那年,我成为了一名军人,并在军队里开始学习飞直升机。现在我在希腊生活,是一名机长。2019年年初,我会前往中国,那里将成为我的下一个飞行基地。






我在英国时加入了英国AOPA. 并且我有自己的飞机:Christen Eagle II, 它是一架小型的双翼机,机翼跟尾翼之间的距离不大,有点像Pitts Special S2。以前在英国时,我常常开着它去参加特技飞行比赛。很是怀念。

Christen Eagle II.jpg

图为Christen Eagle II

Pitts Special S-2.jpg

Pitts Special S2












Claire: Hello, everyone. This is 5 Minutes with AOPA-China. I’m very happy that we have Mr. Chris Turner with us this time. So Mr.Chris Turn, could you introduce yourself a little bit?

Chris: Hi everyone, I’m Chris Turner, a captain from the UK. Currently, I’m living in Greece and will be moving to China early in 2019.

Claire: Welcome to China. When did you become a pilot?

Chris: I learned to fly when I was 18 in the British Army, flying helicopters.

Claire: How many hours have you flown so far?

Chris: I’ve got just over 6,000 hours currently, 3500 hours in the British Army, over 2500 hours for civilian.

Claire: You have flown both military and civilian. How many types of aircraft have you flown?

Chris: Without checking my logbook, I’ve got 30 plus aircraft varying from helicopters, military fast jets to heavy body transports. When I was in military, I was a senior examiner for all aircraft types, and in civilian world, I was an IOC captain driving various different aircraft.

Claire: Your experiences are mind-blowing. To my understanding, AOPA-UK has been an very active player in the IAOPA society. Are you a member of AOPA-UK?

Chris: Yeah, I was an AOPA-UK member when I lived in the UK.

Claire: Are you an Aircraft owner?

Chris: Yeah, I had my own aircraft Christen Eagle II which is a short-coupled biplane, high performance, very similar to Pitts Special S2, I used to use that for competing in aerobatics throughout the UK.

Claire: So you are also an aerobatic pilot. And I want to know in the UK, If you want to fly, where can you fly?

Chris: Essentially in the UK, you can fly anywhere as long as you don’t infringe airspace which are category D, CTRs(control zones) and Class A airspace. But otherwise, you can fly anywhere you want. If you get clearance, you can enter Class D or if you hold the instrument rating, you can enter Class A with clearance.

Claire: That is very attempting. As regards the clearance, how long does it take for you to get your flight plan approved.

Chris: In the UK, as in a lot of European counties, if you fly VFR, you don’t need flight plan, no notification or clearance is required. If you fly IFR, you do need a flight plan and that will take you only 5 minutes.

Claire: Comparatively speaking, the UK really has this open airspace for everyone to fly in. How many general aviation airports or landing areas are there in the UK?

Chris: In the UK, just 1800 air fields, anything from big tarmac airfield such as Heathrow, Stansted to people’s private fields, out of those 130 roughly are the main sites where general aviation is conducted.

Claire: How many GA pilots are there in the UK?

Chris: There is currently 28,000 private pilots registered, 10,000 glide pilots, on top of that, there are 19,000 professional pilot license holders. So I gave you an idea just how many pilots are in the small country like the UK.

Claire: You’ve flown so many hours. And through all those years, can you share your favorite flight with us? The most unforgettable one.

Chris: It’s quite difficult to say actually. I’ve got a lot of different flight. Probably the one standing  in my memory at the moment is the one to Mozambique. We were down there, in Kingair 350, very nice trip, we’ve down there for a month.When we were back, it wasn’t really a very good time, we got pressure seal blow on the rear passenger door, which involved an emergency turn-back and landing but probably it was nothing, probably just for that reason. It was a good fun with an emergency that stands out my mind.

Claire: What kind of services are you looking for from AOPA-China?

Chris: From my standpoint I’d like to say AOPA-China mature and progress to be like its sisters and cousins in other countries, adding values to all the members and driving the general aviation in a country where the reality is green field. Green field, I mean it’s very new and no body yet does that. That’s what I’d like to say: the ability for that to grow within the governmental control issues.

Claire: Thank you so much Chris. That brings us to the end of 5 Minuted with AOPA-China. If you have anything to share, you can always find us on Facebook, Twitter, Ximalaya and Wechat. We are here waiting for you. That’s all for today and see you next week.