5 Minutes with AOPA-China | ICAO NGAP 2

《5 Minutes with AOPA-China》是由中国AOPA国际事务部出品的全新音频播客栏目。在这里,你可以学习航空知识,了解最热的通航话题。希望你们能喜欢 Nick 和 Claire的节目,愉快的享受这五分钟的美好时光。


第30期的5 Minutes with AOPA-China 和大家见面啦。这期是Claire的solo。













来自ACI, ICCAIA和IATA的数据反应了驾驶员,空中交通管理人员和航空工程师的巨大增长趋势。并且,持证飞行员和优秀机长之间有着差别,亟需消除差别,填补缺口。


IAOPA的代表,美国AOPA的Katie给出了大家一个方案。AOPA推出了You Can Fly计划。STEM课程入美国高中课堂,AOPA为符合条件的申请人提供学习飞行的奖学金,STEM研讨会每年如期举行,考核培训师保证培训质量。这为航空业提供新鲜血液做出了贡献。

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值得一提的是,30个国家的180名大学学生参加了模拟国际民航组织论坛。他们被四个主题(无人驾驶航空系统、危险品货运、航空运输的社会经济价值 、航空安保)分成各个组别,相互研讨PK,最终决出冠军。冠军只有一个,但是参与的这个过程弥足珍贵,相信这些参与了模拟论坛的同学们能留下难忘的记忆,能从这次研讨中开拓视野收获知识积累经验。



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Hello, everyone. This is 5 Minutes with AOPA-China. I am Claire in Shenzhen.

Three hours of flight took me from chill Beijing to warm Shenzhen. I don’t need to wear my down coat any more. Wonderful place to be.

This week was surely very exciting. The second ICAO NGAP Global Summit was held.

Almost 1000 delegates from 82 countries and regions flew from all parts of the world, attended the summit. I was one of them. Lucky me to be a part of this big event. I will try my best to highlight this great event within 5 minutes. If I had done a lousy job, please bear with me. The information there was exploding.

Dr. Liu Fang, secretary general of ICAO, delivered a speech about future of aviation and the huge demand of aviation professionals. How to bring up aviation talents and keep them in the industry was the topics of this meeting.

Clip 1

Nicole from Transport Canada stressed the issues of women in aviation now and in the future. Among 17 SDGs of UN, ICAO supports 15 of them. The No.5 is gender equality.

Clip 2

I have to say being a female in aviation business, I could not be prouder. I would like to see more women involved with this industry and hopefully one day we can achieve sustainable development goal No. 5 in the future.

A global network of aviation and aerospace universities was established. Universities of all over the world join together and cooperation on a global level is possible. The name is international Association of AVIATION AND Aerospace Education, ALICANTO.

Data from ACI, ICCAIA and IATA showed the great increase momentum for pilots, air traffic controllers and aviation engineers were wanted. There is a gap between certified pilots and competent captains for commercial transport.

To bridge the gap, we need practical solutions.   

Katie Priby, on behalf of IAOPA, gave a speech on the AOPA’s You can fly program in the US. STEM classes are provided by AOPA in high schools to allow them have a bite of fruit of aviation. Scholarships are offered to selected applicants. STEM seminars are held every year to make sure the instructors are equivalent to guide the young to aviation.

That is really big deal to provide new blood to the next generation aviation talents.

Here is a clip of Katie’s speech.

Clip 3

What’s special is that over 180 college students from 30 countries and regions participated in Model ICAO forum on the other side of the building. Workshops of 4 aviation streams are discussed: Unmanned Aircraft System, Dangerous Air Cargo, The Socio-economic Benefits of Air Transport and Aviation Security. It’s time to get the young generation on the stage. They were spilt into groups and worked on innovations and solutions to address challenges. And there were winners and those who could be better. But the process of material gathering, chart analyzing, and presenting might give them unforgettable memories of this model forum.

See, there were so many of the topics. My mind was blown away. For further information, please check, www.icao.int. want to discuss the topics with us. Leave a comment in the comment section below. This bring us to the end of today’s 5 Minutes with AOPA-China. Next time, we will discuss something about UAS pilot and e-license. Keep tuning in.

See you next week.