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《5 Minutes with AOPA-China》是由中国AOPA国际事务部出品的全新音频播客栏目。在这里,你可以学习航空知识,了解最热的通航话题。希望你们能喜欢 Nick 和 Claire的节目,愉快的享受这五分钟的美好时光。



这周,Claire前往韩国参加国际无人机交通管理大会,并拜访了韩国AOPA。通过Claire 与韩国AOPA的交流,我们了解到:基于韩国的人口基数,韩国AOPA的会员数量在顶峰期达到2000人,目前保持在50人左右。韩国的私人飞行已经十分自由。国内的私人飞行只需在飞行前1小时提交飞行计划即可,并且可以在网上在线申请,简单便捷。跨境飞行则需要获得局方的许可,但从提交飞行计划到报批成功只需要2天的时间,高效便利。鉴于如此开放的飞行环境和政策的支持,韩国AOPA的会员活动丰富多彩。国内,他们时常组织一些飞行,前往美丽的名胜之地,体验飞行的乐趣,观赏怡人的风景。国际上,他们会组织跨境飞行,如飞往日本。同时他们也会邀请日本AOPA的会员或飞行爱好者来韩国相聚,2年一次。韩国AOPA志愿为前来的飞行员们提供地面服务与志愿基地。另外,他们也积极参加在马拉西亚或新加坡举办的亚洲飞行员聚会。


激动人心的时刻来了!珠海航展将在11月6日举行,三天专业日,三天公众日。 11月7日下午2点,5 Minuteswith AOPA-China 将在现场组织一次航空英语沙龙活动。如果你也在现场,不要犹豫,过来加入我们吧,与世界各地的航空爱好者们聊一聊航空那些事儿。还有有趣的小游戏和可爱的小礼品!我们不见不散!


注:左边是 Claire,右边是Nick哦!


Nick: Hello, everyone. We are back. Do you miss us? It’s been half a month since last episode. And I remember last time, we initiated a vote in Wechat.As we promised, If your comment ranks the top three, you’ll be awarded a gift from AOPA-China. Let me check. Congratulations to 四和桥,鬼桀陆疯子 and 请叫我拉拉拉拉拉小姐.  Please contact us and send us your address. Then just wait for the gift knocking your door.

Without further ado, Let’s share this week’s news. You may ask “where is Claire?”

Good Question. Claire has gone to Korea to give a speech in the UAS Traffic Management International Conference.There she also visited AOPA Korea. Let’s listen to the on-site interview.

Interview summary:

Q:How many members are there in AOPA Korea?

A: At our peak time, we have around 2,000 members. But since we are not active enough, now we have 50 members.

Q: What kind of activities throughout the year do you organize for your members?

A: We started AOPA Korea 15 years ago. Since then, we are able to fly freely throughout the country or to cross the border. There is no problem. The population is not that much, so sometimes we fly to Japan, sometimes we invite Japanese members to fly here. Since we provide the ground service and voluntary base, they would love to come to Korea and come to Korea every two years. For domestic activities, we often organize flights to beautiful, famous places in Korea such as Cheju Island and Busan. Also, we attend Asia Gathering.

Q: What about the freedom of flying in Korea?

A: Although there are still many sophisticated regulations out there, when it comes to private flight in Korea, there is no problem. All you need to do is to file a flight plan 1 hour before your actual take-off. And now you can apply for it online and get a report. You don’t need a permission. But if you want to make a cross-border flight, you need a permission. And it only takes 2 days to get a permission.


The 12th Zhuhai Airshow, known as the largest airshow in China is coming on the Sixth of November. 5 Minutes with AOPA-China is going to organize an Aviation English Salon in the exhibition area on November 7th’s afternoon, at 2 pm. If you are visiting the exhibition on that day, do not hesitate to join us with aviation fans from all over the world. Let’s chat face to face and have fun together. Contact us if you are interested in it.

That brings us to the end of today’s 5 minutes with AOPA-China.. You can also listen to our podcast on Facebook, Twitter,and Ximalaya. Feel free to send us your comments on today’ topic and any previous ones. Have a nice weekend, until next Friday.


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