5 Minutes with AOPA-China |How did he become a pilot?

《5 Minutes with AOPA-China》是由中国AOPA国际事务部出品的全新音频播客栏目。在这里,你可以学习航空知识,了解最热的通航话题。希望你们能喜欢 Nick 和 Claire的节目,愉快的享受这五分钟的美好时光。


中国AOPA的5分钟播客节目已经播出到第22期了。工作日5点档的航空问答也开展了40天啦。每次答题都会获得经验值,100个经验值将获得中国AOPA送出的精美勋章,200个经验值就能在5分钟播客节目和广大观众朋友见面啦。500个经验值能换取中国AOPA限量版T恤衫。 还有更多活动和更多礼品等着大家。







Hello, today marks the 40th day of our 5PM Aviation Quiz.

What? You have never heard of the Quiz? Oh, you must know. So far,  130 participants are involved. The rules are simple. Every weekday at 5 pm, a question will reveal in the group.  Each right answer means 5 Experiences while right audio answer doubles the points. Anyone who gains 100 gets a present from AOPA-China. Participants with over 200 Experiences will be invited to join our podcast. So, Captain&Professor with the Experience of 235 is with us this week.

Well, what’s the real name of captain?

Interview script:

Claire: How do you become so interested in aviation?

Haitao: In 1990s when I first started to work, I remember my first business trip on the plane, I was given a plane model as a gift. That’s when I started to form this hobby. So I’ve already got more than 500 little airplane models. I’ve built a miniature airport back home in my basement. I think it’s over 20 years.


Claire: What do you do for a living ?

Haitao: Actually I’m between jobs. I decided to learn flying in 2015. But later I could only go to the flight school on weekends because I was working. Going flight school only on weekends could really have problems for me because sometimes the weather was not pretty and sometimes I had personal arrangements. So the learning process just got prolonged. In 2016, I still couldn’t complete my learning. I flew only less than 10 hours but the goal was to fly 50 hours before you graduate. I love flying so much that I quit my job in 2017 and eventually I got my pilot license in March this year. I worked for foreign companies for more than 20 years, mostly in auto component industry. After I got my flight license, I changed my mind. I personally have a career plan which I will share with you later on when I am a little bit successful.

Claire: Definitely you have flown in China. What other foreign countries have you flown in?

Haitao: I only got my flight license this March. But since then, I flew in Saipan Island, Columbus Ohio in the United States. There were a lot of airports and flight schools. And next month, in November, I’m going to the UK. We have friends there and we plan to fly for one or two days. Then we’ll go from UK to France to visit Airbus factory.

Claire: What do you think about China’s general aviation?

Haitao: It is indeed a big and general topic especially for me, an outsider. I’m not actually in the industry but I love it. As you can see, there is a big gap between China and other countries like USA in terms of general aviation. But I think we’ll catch up and it takes time. We need government support, we definitely need professional people like you guys. We also need aviation fans like us. We, as aviation fans can also contribute.

Claire: How do you like our podcast? And what other things do you think we bring to our subscribers?

Haitao: I listened to the podcast every Friday. I think you guys are pretty dedicated and your English are excellent. Probably I can give you two suggestions. One is to organize offline activity. I think it is very necessary, sometimes, people do need to meet. And our listeners of podcast and participants of 5 PM Quiz program share one common purpose which is to learn English. So how to manage to help them learn English well? I realize the reason why I got more 200 Experiences in Quiz is not only I know the right answer but also I can speak it out in English, which earned me extra scores. So how to help people be able to type and speak answers in English and organize meetups to learn and practice with each other? That is my second suggestion.

Thanks, Haitao. You are so dazzling with your passion for aviation. And you reminds me of a line in the movie Up (飞屋环游记): Happiness is not about being immortal nor having food or rights in one’s hand. It’s about having each tiny dream come true.Today’s 5 Minutes with AOPA-China is about to end. You can also listen to our podcaston Facebook, Twitter and Ximalaya, find your favourite episode and follow us. Feel free to comment on today’s topic and any previous ones. If you want to join 5 PM Aviation Quiz, scan the QR code below. See you next week.

 Experience: 经验值

 Dedicated: 专注的