5 Minutes with AOPA-China | A Glimpse of Aero Club Como

《5 Minutes with AOPA-China》是由中国AOPA国际事务部出品的全新音频播客栏目。在这里,你可以学习航空知识,了解最热的通航话题。希望你们能喜欢 Nick 和 Claire的节目,愉快的享受这五分钟的美好时光。




图片来源:Aero Club Como的Facebook



图片来源:Aero Club Como的Facebook



图片来源:Aero Club Como的Facebook



Nick:Hello, guys! I’ll start today’s podcast with the introduction of Lake Como. Yes, Lake Como, located in the northern region of Italy, near Milan, is the deepest lake in Europe with a depth of 410m. the crystal-clear lake has seduced visitors since Roman times with its extravagant natural setting in foothills of Alps, subtropical climate, warm springs and later grand villas. Along the coast lies Aero Club COMO, the world’s oldest seaplane base which was founded in 1930. For a true touch of glamour, you can take one of these seaplanes, having a bird’s eye view of magnificent ridges  harmoniously combined with waters and refined architectural constructions. God, that’s heaven. Wait, we are not a travelling podcast. So why do I introduce that? Claire together with three other aviation enthusiasts visited Aero Club Como on Wednesday, they had a conversation with Mr. Baj, the club president.

Baj: This is the oldest seaplane operation and seaplane flight school in the world.

Claire: Quite a honour. Actually this is a very good surprise for us. Because I was planning this trip and I was searching the information, but I haven’t got that coming. So this is like a cherry on the top.

Baj: You have to taste it.

Claire: That’s wonderful. And I want to know how many instructors and pilots are there in your club.

Baj: We have two full-time and seven part-time instructors. Normally, our airline pilots who will come here. Some of them are already instructors. In the free time they will all come here because they live here in Como. So we have 2 full-time instructors, 5 to 8 part-time instructors depending on the period. We have 200 members, and many people from Europe come here for one or two weeks to fly seaplanes every year.

Baj: Do you deal with military authority to make the airspace freer than it is now?

Claire: Actually we are trying every aspect to talk with them and to apply for the rules and flight plans. We are working for it from different angles.

Baj: These are the major issues, both the use of airspace and flight plans. If you have to report 24 hours before you fly, this is probably inconvenient. Because most flights happen within half an hour or one hour. They can’t wait for the the authorization coming next day. This may be a major issue that AOPA can discuss with authorities.

Baj: I suggest that the development should not focus on business jets or helicopters for the rich people. You should start constructing an aviation background from the root and go on. If you have over one hundred thousand people attending flight courses on small economic machines(primary category aircraft or light sport aircraft), you need mechanics working on these machines, controllers working in ATC tower. And this starts from small airports. You can make the whole business grow in a proper way.

Nick:Nice to have suggestions from great minds. China actually enjoys vast lands and splendid natural views. Hope one day, we can also take a seaplane, fused into the mother nature, embracing the freedom to fly.

Okay guys, this is the end of today’s 5 Minutes with AOPA-China. If you ever had a seaplane experience, you can share it with us in the comment section or send us messages. Then you are likely to win the gift from AOPA-China.

That’s all for today. See you next week.